UnderAid / Boise Rock School Youth Stage

The Boise Rec Fest Youth Stage is made possible by:

  • UnderAid - booking performers suited for youth audiences
  • Boise Rock School - managing the sound and stage during the event
  • Elements Tour - Baby, the star of the Elements Tour, will provide the stage and the tour will feature speakers between acts
  • Idaho Power- providing power through their solar trailer

Please see below to learn more about the supporters of Boise Rec Fest's Youth Stage and our lineup.

UnderAid Performances

The following acts will be performing at Boise Rec Fest.


Sat. June 26

10:30 – Tumble Time Gymnastics (Big Air, Gymnastics & Cheernastics)
11:00 – WINGS Cheer
11:15 – WINGS Gymnastics
11:30 – Dada Sol
12:30 – Speaker - Leigh Lustre, Advocates for the West
12:40 – Dance Arts Academy
1:00 – Bronco Elite
1:20 – Dragon Bushido (Curb Cup Champions)
1:45 – Speaker - Sara Cohn, Idaho Conservation League
1:55 – McKenna Lowe
2:55 – Speaker - Liz Woodruff, Snake River Alliance
3:05 – WINGS Cheer
3:20 – WINGS Gymnastics
3:35 – Marissa Jerome
4:00 – Alexa Cashen
5:00 – Speaker - Beth Geagan, Sustainable Community Connections of Idaho
5:10 – WINGS Cheer
5:25 – WINGS Gymnastics
5:40 – Boise Rock School
7:00 – Travis McDaniel (solo)

Sun. June 27
10:30-10:45am – WINGS Gymnastics
10:50-11:10am – MT Theory Breakdancers
11:10-11:20am – Speaker - Bruce Poe, GreenWorks Idaho
11:20-11:40am – Miss Leta’s Performers
11:40-11:55pm – WINGS Gymnastics
11:55-12:05pm – Speaker - Dave Krick, Bittercreek Alehouse
12:05-1:05pm – Workin’ on Fire
1:05-1:30pm – Dragon Bushido (Curb Cup Champions)
1:30-2:00pm – Arts West Junior High Jazz Combo
2:00-2:10pm – Speaker - Becky Morgan, Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS)
2:10-3:20pm – Boise Rock School
3:25-3:40pm – WINGS Gymnastics
3:40-3:50pm – Speaker - TBD...
3:50-4:50pm – Seven Feet Below
5:00-6:00pm – Travis McDaniel Band

UnderAid produces events for underage performing artists, athletes, film makers & audiences. Learn more about UnderAid at their Facebook page.

Boise Rock School

Established in the spring of 2008 - the Boise Rock School is a local, independent music school that teaches kids 6-17 how to rock! The Boise Rock School is dedicated to making the youth of the Treasure Valley more creative, impassioned and talented. In turn making our community a better place to live. In addition to after school classes, the Boise Rock School also teaches outreach classes at Idaho schools. Kid bands from the Boise Rock School have played the Knitting Factory, The Grove, the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games, The Linen Building, The Record Exchange, and other great venues in Idaho.

Website, Facebook, YouTube

Elements Tour Stage & Speakers

Baby, the star of the Elements Tour, will provide the stage and the tour will feature speakers between acts.

“Baby” is a one-of-a-kind, carbon-neutral vehicle. A former Japanese fire truck, Baby was retrofitted to run on any natural or waste vegetable oil. She also creates, stores, and converts energy generated from wind, solar, and kinetic sources to electricity for later use directly from the vehicle. Baby is used to explain how renewable energy can work on a practical level as well as inspire others to seek out their own solutions to capturing renewable energy.

The Elements Tour 2010: Playgrounds Re-Imagined celebrates nature’s playgrounds in order to inspire others to use outdoor recreation areas of all kinds and to take an active role in protecting them for future generations.

For more information about the Elements Tour visit www.ElementsTour.com

Idaho Power Solar Trailer

The Boise Rec Fest Youth Stage will be powered by Idaho Power's solar trailer. The Idaho Power solar trailer harnesses energy from one of the most powerful energy sources available- the sun. It has been used to power up concerts, radio remotes, and other events across the state of Idaho for the past 12 years.

Technical Details:
The solar trailer has a 500 watt array (8 modules x 64 watts each) and the ability to power a cabin or a small home. Photovoltaic modules (PV) are mounted on a double axis tracker, east to west for days and north to south for the different seasons. Panels are wired two in series and four in parallel for 24 volts @ 20 amps.  The solar trailer has a storage capacity of 10 kWh and a 24 volt battery system (Two strings of 24 volt 350 amp/hr = 700 amp/hrs). It provides 3 kWh per day from February to November. During the “off” months it functions as a battery-generator system with supplemental solar energy. The inverter converts from DC to AC at a maximum of 4,000 watts continuously. The trailer has a 5500-watt propane powered back-up generator.

Learn more about Idaho Power here - www.IdahoPower.com


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