Go Listen Boise Main Stage

Music for the Main Stage is booked by Go Listen Boise, a non-profit, all volunteer organization with the mission of fostering a vibrant and diverse musical culture in the Boise area.

Ron O'Brian is our emcee.

Performance Schedule

Note: Schedule is subject to change.


12:00 - Boise Rock School
1:00 - Fleet Street Klezmer Band
2:00 - Rumblefish
3:00 - Dada Sol
4:00 - The Fav
5:00 - Decade Blues Band
6:00 - Jeff Crosby and The Refugees
7:00 - Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles


12:00 - Seven Feet Below
1:00 - Talk Math To Me
2:00 - Junior Rocket Scientist
3:00 - Boy Eats Drum Machine
4:00 - Finn Riggins




Boise Rock School is a local, independent music school that teaches kids age 6 to 18 how to rock out on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or the microphone. Boise Rock School is the best place for kids to rock.




Boy Eats Drum Machine is a singular figure of the West. He does things his own way, thank you very much, and does those things well enough to run his own one-man gang.  Sometimes his voice is low and dry like the great Oregon deserts. Other times it resonates warmly, as though reflecting off the hills. He’s a turntablist’s turntablist, robbing breaks and sound textures from vinyl even after most of his contemporaries switched to laptops. He often mixes together twangy guitars, soulful blasts of tenor saxophone, and bassy, soundtrack worthy, analog synth. He’s an artist-outlaw.

His shows feature a mixture of multi-instrumental-turntable-wizardry and performance art, as he moves effortlessly from sax, to drum, to dj station.  BEDM audiences are comprised of ferociously moving bodies, curious onlookers, and shining faces nodding in time to expertly placed beats. His songs are succinct, interesting, and strut into jammy terrain only on such occasions that call for it. Though Boy Eats Drum Machine has his finger on the sample button, his sound remains distinctively organic. His home-spun compositions set a cozy table, with tales of escape nibbling at your heart strings.




Dada Sol is a fledgling alternative jam band that is loosely based in Boise.  Their guitar driven sound is inspired by the members’ love of everything from rock to indie, jazz, and classical music.  Members are Ricardo Osuna (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Neumeyer (lead guitar and vocals), Abe Osuna (bass), and David Neumeyer (drums).  Dada Sol independently recorded and released their debut album, Songs for the Earth and Sky, in the summer of 2009 and currently working on their second release.

Website, MySpace



The Decade Blues Band plays danceable blues selected from over 100 years of the best of this roots music.  We pride ourselves on being true to the soul of the blues while putting our own interpretation on the classics.  We also enjoy playing contemporary songs as well as a handful of our originals. As a band we have been together for about two years, but as individuals we are "well-seasoned" with over a century of combined playing/performing experience.  Our goal is always to get feet moving and let the audience share the enjoyment of the music we love.




"On their second full length, Vs. Wilderness, Idaho-based band Finn Riggins merge the dynamic tendencies of progressive rock with the quirky side of '00s indie rock. The band's pairing of these two sets of influences places the album somewhere between recent tourmates Built To Spill and classic 70s prog-rock a la Rush, or more modern progressive revivalists The Mars Volta. The album offers a range of moods, from quaint indie-pop leaning tracks driven by the group's male-female harmonies to more grandiose tracks in the mode of The Arcade Fire." -- Amelia Raitt / emusic.com

Cameron Bouiss (drums + steel drum), Lisa Simpson (elec. guitar + vocals) and Eric Gilbert (keyboards + vocals) formed Finn Riggins in 2006 in the high mountains and open ranges of Idaho. They signed with Portland, OR-based label Tender Loving Empire in the Spring of 2007 and have been touring the country relentlessly since (200+ days a year on the road 2007-2010). Finn Riggins released their second full length Vs Wilderness (Tender Loving Empire) in October 2009 and toured the US extensively through October 2010 in support of it. They are currently spending more time at home in Boise, ID working on a new album, enjoying the wonders of Idaho and playing local and regional shows.

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Fleet Street Klezmer Band was born of Shlomo and Hadassah Kostenko's love of Klezmer, Gypsy Fiddle music, and Sephardic Jewish musics ranging from Medieval Spain to present day Uzbekistan. The problem was how to blend these diverse musics into a cohesive whole, immediately accessible to both a Jewish and non-Jewish audience. The solution is the Fleet Street Klezmer Band. Blending Klezmer violin, Yiddish, Ladino, and Hebrew singing, and Gypsy style guitar, with the Oriental sounds of the oud, harmonium, and dumbek, combined with Afro-Cuban rhythms played on Djembe and Conga drums, Fleet Street is a musical voice unlike any other. Together with mesmerizing belly-dancing, both modern and in the Arabian/Sephardic tradition, the result is an event that is as beautiful to watch as it is to listen to.

Website, Facebook, MySpace, Reverb Nation, Twitter



Jeff Crosby. Age 24. Singer, guitarist, songwriter. Hometown: Donnelly, Idaho. His debut 5 song E.P. ,Too Many Walls, was released on 1.1.11.




Junior Rocket Scientist is a four piece from Boise, Idaho. Influenced by an expansive yet overlapping variety of music, their sound ricochets from indie to noise rock, dance and new wave pop. Rhythmic inflection and melodic syncopations are passed between the vocals, guitars, synth leads and violin lines while the driving, dancing drum and bass push the frenzy forward. While sci-fi lyrics and effects abound, a strong emotive pull is also present throughout, gluing the songs together and connecting JRS to its audience. Junior Rocket Scientist has played many shows in the Boise locale and will soon be looking to tour in the Pacific Northwest. In 2010 the group self recorded and produced an EP aptly named ep3o, which featured five of JRS' early favorites and showcased their range of sound. They are currently planning the recording and release of their first full length album for the summer of 2011.

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Matt Hopper plays rock and roll, folk, blues and psychadelia with The Roman Candles. Please visit www.matthopper.com for more information and free music.




Bio coming soon...




Seven Feet Below is a rock band from Pocatello, Idaho, consisting of psychedelic band members Spencer Ruchti (Lead Vocals, Drums, 16), Drew Ruchti (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, 13), Joseph Bellegante (Lead Guitar, 15), and Tristin Paz (Bass, 15). The fantastic foursome rises above the norm with songs derived from face-ripping solos, hard-hitting rhythms, supa-funky bass lines, and transcending vocals. Playing songs from covers like “All The Small Things” by Blink 182 to own original songs like “Summer”, the band enjoys every minute of their charitable lives as musician.

The band continues to work harder than ever to strive to be the best they can. Influenced by bands like Blink 182, Green Day, and Red Hot Chili Peppers to oldies like Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, and Guns N’ Roses, this group of extraordinary gentlemen has worked ambitiously hours upon hours, week by week to try succeed at something bigger, better, and greater in life... to be rockstars.

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Talk Math To Me


Boise-based Talk Math To Me is a trio of composers whose love for blues, soul and gritty rock is probably out of control. But in combining this soul obsession with thumping thunderous energy and a strong tendency toward the weird, Talk Math To Me puts those familiar sounds through a psychedelic spin cycle and brings out something old and new. Featuring Jon Fust (drums, guitar, vocals), Danny Kerr, (guitar, bass, keys, synth, drums, vocals) and Ben Kirby (bass, guitar, synth, keys, vocals), this trio is a unique experience of rotating instruments and killer tunes.


The Fav


The Fav is a multi-talented trio that hails from Boise, Idaho.

Formed in 2008, best friends since high school, Matt Fabbi (bass and vocals) and Aaron Connolly (guitar) began collaborating and defining their style. They started writing music steeped in a unique fusion of rock, funk and country.  After all, they have grown up listening to and being influenced by artists such as Dave Matthews, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Police. Matt is also the grandson of local music great, Monte Lee Saxton (original member of the Fabulous Chancellors and accomplished solo recording artist).
Aaron was raised in a family that was also very artistically inclined.  He and his sister (another accomplished local musician), Audra Connolly, grew up playing music together.

In 2009 they added Matt’s uncle, Steve Saxton, on drums.  Steve, a Boise native, lived in Nashville for several years and spent his time honing his skills playing with pop punk band, Teen Idols.

Over the last 2 years, this trio has been playing the local scene and in the process has become a well oiled machine that cranks out tight, melodic grooves that gets every crowd on their feet!

Their new CD is slated for release in the Spring of 2011 and is actually their sophomore project but features new song arrangements, as well as new material.  The compilation is musically diverse and the band promises that no two songs sound alike.  This new album features a cameo appearance by Boise music icon, Marcus Eaton.

The Fav is planning on promoting their new release this summer with a Northwest tour.


Ron O'Brian, Emcee

Ron O’Brian brings Treasure Valley radio listener's weekday traffic information on 670 KBOI-AM, 93.1 KTIK-FM, 1350 KTIK-AM, 97-9 KQFC-FM, 96.9 KKGL-FM, and, has emcee'd various events in the Treasure Valley.

A member of SWIMBA, he enjoys mountain biking, and stays active hiking, playing tennis, snow shoeing, rafting, golfing, and working out at Idaho Athletic.

For appearance and emcee information, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it